How Choosing the Right Type of Frame your Art Gallery?

How Choosing the Right Type of Frame your Art Gallery?

When you run an art gallery, there are a few things you need to pay attention to as a lot of minute details seem to hold immense importance. From the placement of the paintings to the lighting upon the art and the actual framing of the painting, all of this seems to enhance the painting for the better. Hence, to make your paintings look attractive to the audience and to give them a better chance at getting bought, you will need to make sure you pay extra attention to these small details.

Framing a piece of art is an art itself. Choosing the right frame will not only enhance the art itself, but make it much more appealing to the eye of the buyer. Pairing the right colors, choosing the right type of glass enhance, and choosing the width of the frame can all make a significant difference to the way the painting appears to the audience’s eyes. It is because of the frames that many paintings are kept within that they have become famous all through the world as frames tend to enhance the painting in a way that it complements the painting.

Below are given a few ways in which you too can choose the right frame for your painting in your art gallery. Make sure to use these tips to increase sales as well as the audience in your art gallery.

  1. Colors, materials, and style

With endless options of colors, style, and materials to choose from, finding the perfect frame for your painting can prove to be a difficult task. This is why people can at times go overboard, however, one must always remember that the artwork and its frame are always viewed together. This is why they should be paired in a way that complements them. When picking the perfect frame, make sure it is within the color pallet of the painting. However, it should not stand out too much nor should it blend in with the piece itself. It should be in a color that complements the artwork. Most people tend to stick to classic, black, and brown which seem to work well for most artworks.

  • Drawings and illustrations

When we talk about drawings and illustrations we use, they are usually made with graphite or pastels, usually in black or grey. To help complement these, we believe going with a black mat that can then be covered with glass as it will be an excellent idea, complementing the artwork. We also believe that you should contact Willoughby Glass for the perfect glass enhance on top of your painting as they know exactly which one will compliment different types of paintings. When encasing artwork into a glass frame, make sure that the glass or the mat you use is kept separate from the actual work so that the work is not impacted by it in any way.

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