3 Tips for Lighting Art: How to Light Artwork in Your Home

3 Tips for Lighting Art: How to Light Artwork in Your Home

When you’ve just hung the most amazing piece of art in the gallery in your house and the lighting just doesn’t hit it the way you had expected, it will break your heart. Art is something that costs a lot of money and when you put it on display, you want it to shine in the best way possible. You want people to notice all the tiny details about it. However, bad lighting could put all that off. The minute details will never be visible, the colours might seem off and it just won’t translate the way you want it to. This is why lighting is so important. We have compiled a list of tips for how you can showcase the art that you purchase and give it the best lighting for it to shine.

  1. Ceiling mounted accent lights

These are like spotlights that have been mounted on your walls and directly put light onto your artwork like a spotlight. They showcase every little detail and make the artwork shine. As they act in a spotlight manner, they make each individual art piece shine away from each other, making it look different and being a statement on its own. The angles of the lighting have to be just perfect. At the angel of 30, lighting is perfect, after 45 it gives too much of a shadow and before 30 gives it gives a long frame.

  • Track lights

Track lights are similar to ceiling-mounted accent lights, however, they have a few advantages. They have bigger lamps and also give a spotlight effect onto your art which makes it stand out. However, these are more flexible, readjust able and even moveable. Unlike the ceiling-mounted accent lights that cannot be moved, these can be removed and used someplace else. However, they don’t always look the best, so if it is aesthetics you have a problem with, then ceiling-mounted accent lights may be your choice.

  • Wall washers

These are the type of lights that do not necessarily focus upon one specific piece of art rather they encase the whole wall. So if you have 2 pieces on one wall, both of them will get light and so will the negative space between those walls. These are more casual ways of lighting and create just as much of a statement because you are making one specific wall different from the other and making it shine. It helps create a unique decorative wall sconce.

Having the perfect lighting on your art pieces can get difficult. You need to consider the place it’s situated, the type of lighting that will look good, what matches your taste and the cost. However, getting lighting for your art is essential as it helps showcase and show off the beautiful art that deserves to be appreciated by people.

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