Street Style Inspiration for The Art Student in All of Us

Street Style Inspiration for The Art Student in All of Us

Men in art have developed quite a reputation for having stylish and out of the box looks in comparison to other men. This is why we have decided to showcase a few street style inspirations for you to take forward and implement within your style too. These styles can help change your wardrobe for the better and maybe even put you in the best-dressed category someday. How artists dress is also a representation of their art and how a piece of art is evaluated varies, but we have come to a consensus down below.

  1. Crossbody bags

Just like women have been sporting cross body bags, men have been doing the same. It seems this style of fashion is for both the sexes. A crossbody bag is especially famous in artists because it helps them carry their supplies with ease while looking cool and chic at the same time. It’s the perfect fix, especially for art teachers and students as they need to carry supplies

  • Cuban collar shirt

There was a time where people thought such shirts were particularly for the old uncles to wear to the family BBQ. Well not anymore. Many artists have been seen wearing Cuban collar shirts. With their wild prints and soft fabric, they’ve been a street style favourite amongst many and can be paired with skinny jeans, shorts or pants. Many people prefer to keep it less jazzy and go for a solid colour, but if you like to jazz your lookup, try the printed versions.

  • Flares

People loved the ’70s and here is proof. People on the street have begun to bring back styles from their favourite era. The flare pants are now seen all over especially by artists. They are there to make an impact wherever you go and look edgy. People tend to pair it with a slim fit shirt to make the trouser as impactful as possible. This is one way you can make a statement.

  • Oversized blazers

Blazers are usually used for the red carpet for formal fashion, well not anymore. Many people have brought the blazers into street style, but with a twist. Oversized blazers are being worn all over the streets. Whether its pinstripes that give a more professional look or a plain coloured one, people are pairing them with shorts, pants and jeans. You can take it up a notch and add dress shoes to complete the look.  Find men’s dress shoes in Australia here.

  • Patchwork prints

Many people have been seen supporting patchwork prints across the street. This means that the prints attached in a patchwork style make the shirt look cool and edgy, to say the least. People have been styling it with a white t-shirt underneath to bring out the colour and let the shirt make an impact. People have gone a step further too and paired it with funky pants to make the whole outfit pop. It’s a great way to pair a traditional style with a modern one.

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