About the Prize

The Basil Sellers Art Prize invited artists to tackle an Australian obsession—sport. The Prize offered artists the opportunity to be a part of a major exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the chance to win the $100,000 acquisitive prize, the $5,000 People’s Choice Award and the Basil Sellers Creative Fellowship at the National Sports Museum.

Since its inauguration in 2008, the Basil Sellers Art Prize has sought to engage with art and sport in the broadest possible sense; artists are not restricted by medium or approach. Over its ten year history, the Prize has borne witness to shifts in the cultural landscape; there is greater discourse on sport and technology, women and sport, the role of the media and increasing access and participation.

The Basil Sellers Art Prize is supported by Basil Sellers AM and aims to encourage contemporary artists to develop their practice, to engage with the many themes within sport past and present, and to contribute to critical reflection on all forms of sport and sporting culture in Australia.